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The President of Bulgaria announces the appointment of an interim prime minister

Bulgaria's President Roman Radev appointed interim prime minister today, Wednesday, in a bid to stabilize the country until the elections scheduled for next July.

The American ABC network reported that the new government is headed by retired General Stephan Yaniv, 61, who has worked for the past four years as a security advisor to President Radev, and was defense minister in a previous interim government appointed by Radayef in 2017.

The government will be supported by a team of experts whose primary task will be to organize fair elections and deal with the outbreak of the emerging "Corona" virus .. Yaniv pledged that the government would adhere to the rule of law and advance the interests of citizens.

It is noteworthy that President Radev was at odds with the previous government headed by Boyko Borisov, and was supportive of the demonstrations that erupted against it last year, accusing it of establishing relations with the mafia, obstructing the fight against corruption, reforming the judiciary, and suppressing freedom of opinion.