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The European Union approves the development of the Blue Card system to encourage work within Europe

Negotiators for the European Parliament and the European Council reached an interim agreement on Tuesday to make the Blue Card system more attractive to highly-qualified citizens of other countries wishing to work in the European Union.


The European Parliament said, in a statement today, that under the recently agreed rules, applicants - who will also be able to apply from within the territory of the European Union - will need to present a work contract or a binding job offer for at least six months.


As for the current situation, a presentation of at least 12 months is required, in addition to evidence of their higher qualifications or professional skills, and in some cases, for example in the information and communication technology sector, qualifications can be substituted for relevant professional experience.


According to the new system, blue card holders will be able to move more easily from one member state of the European Union to another country after an initial period of 12 months in the first member state, and the status of accompanying family members will also be improved through faster family unification procedures and access to the labor market.

“After five years of work, and three years of member states blocking negotiations, this deal sends a positive signal in the right direction. Europe must increase legal immigration routes and facilitate the arrival of qualified workers who can. Contribution to the development of Europe. "


"Holders of the European Union blue card and their family members will enjoy additional rights, including ease of movement within the European Union, which will increase its value compared to national systems," he added.


The agreed text is scheduled to be presented to the Civil Liberties Committee and the plenary session of Parliament for approval, as well as to the European Council.


It is noteworthy that the Blue Card defines the conditions for entry and residence in the territories of member states, as well as the rights of nationals of other countries for the purpose of highly qualified employment, and is applied to their family members, and it has been in force since late 2011, and Germany grants the largest share of the "blue cards", while not participating. Ireland and Denmark in this system.