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The Chamber of Tourism Establishments warns its members not to abide by the closing dates

Adel Al-Masry, Chairman of the Chamber of Tourist Facilities and Restaurants, stressed the need for all members of the Chamber's General Assembly to adhere to the new work dates, announced by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, Decision No. 933 of 2021, to close all tourist facilities including restaurants, shops, cafes, clubs and nightclubs, from The hours are nine in the evening until six in the morning in all parts of the Republic, and work only after nine in the evening on the activity of delivering orders, without sitting in the place, while adhering to all the precautionary measures prescribed.


In a press release, today, Friday, the Chamber’s president warned establishments against violating this decision, which set the period for implementing these exceptional deadlines from Thursday, May 6, and enforcing them until the end of May 21, indicating that there are heavy penalties that are imposed on violating facilities. According to the letter the Chamber received from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.


Adel Al-Masry indicated that the letter sent by Abdel Fattah Al-Asi, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Tourism and Hotel Establishments Affairs, confirmed that the ministry had formed secret committees to inspect tourist facilities and restaurants to ensure their compliance with the closing dates, as well as the commitment to apply all precautionary and preventive controls, rules and measures. From the Corona virus, which comes within the framework of the Egyptian state's efforts to confront the outbreak of the new Corona virus in its third wave.


The head of the Chamber of Tourist Facilities and Restaurants stressed the importance of implementing the decision of the Prime Minister No. 933 of 2021, which also included prohibiting the holding of all artistic or cultural events, ceremonies, and events, or the presentation of a musical performance that requires the presence of large numbers of citizens, as well as stopping all permits for musical paragraphs. Provided to tourist shops, with the continued closure of discos and various theaters, as well as the prohibition of offering hookahs, while adhering to all announced health procedures and requirements.


Adel Al-Masry said that these measures will be in the interest of the tourism sector as soon as they are completed, expressing his hope that the tourism facilities will adhere to what was stated in the ministry's speech, in preparation for a strong start in the near future, God willing, indicating that these measures will be applied in the exceptional period of 6 To May 21.