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The British vote in local elections that will test Boris Johnson

Britons began voting on Thursday, in local elections that will test Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the unity of the United Kingdom as separatists hope for a resounding victory in Scotland to pave the way for a new referendum for self-determination.

And it is assumed that these elections, which were postponed for a year due to the epidemic, would allow 48 million voters to renew about five thousand seats in 143 local parliament in England, and to choose the mayor of the capital, London, and the parliamentarians of the provinces of Wales and Scotland.

According to France 24, polling stations opened at seven o'clock, and results will be announced gradually on Friday and throughout the weekend.

And in the province of Scotland of 5.5 million people, this election could be crucial for the future of the United Kingdom.

In the event that the ruling Independents win a majority in the local parliament, Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, intends to pressure the central government in London to be able to organize a new referendum on the independence of the district.