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Study: Corona virus lasts no more than 30 seconds in a swimming pool thanks to chlorine

A Norwegian study on the Corona virus confirms that it appears that the virus does not last more than 20-30 seconds on the surface of the water while swimming due to the corona, according to the Italian "ANSA" agency.

Guido Raci, an advisor to the Coronavirus Emergency Commissioner and former director of the European Medicines Agency (EMMA), explained the low risk of corona infection transmission in swimming pools.

Rasi said that in light of the arrival of summer, one of the concerns is the withdrawal of vaccines on vacation, fearing the presence of the virus in the pool water.

On the other hand, Europe is expected to issue the green light for the anti-corona vaccine for children between the ages of 12 and 15 this week.

"It will definitely be approved by the European Medicines Agency and it is part of the second pillar of the epidemic, that is, stopping the spread of the virus," Rasi explains.