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Statistics Agency: Egyptian orange exports rise to 109 million dollars in one month

Egyptian exports of oranges recorded a remarkable increase during the recent period, as the value of orange exports reached about 109 million and 168 thousand dollars in last February, while it was 74 million and 988 thousand dollars in February 2020, an increase of 34 million and 180 thousand dollars.

According to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, orange exports came among the list of the most important Egyptian exports of agricultural commodities, as the value of agricultural exports amounted to 350 million and 900 thousand dollars, and among the most important agricultural exports also were potatoes with a value of 43 million and 954 thousand dollars last February, then Exports of un-combed cotton valued at 23,602 million dollars, in addition to fresh mandarin exports worth 15 million and 487 thousand dollars, and the value of fresh strawberry exports amounted to 11 million and 622 thousand dollars.

In the same context, the value of Egyptian exports of fresh fruits increased during the last period, as fresh fruit exports recorded 147 million dollars in February, compared to 119 million and 538 thousand dollars in February 2020, an increase of 27 million and 699 thousand dollars, and by An increase of 23.1%.

The trade balance deficit retreated during the month of February, reaching 3.34 billion dollars compared to 3.38 billion dollars for the same month of the previous year, a decrease of 1.2%, and the value of imports decreased by 1.6%, reaching 6.03 billion dollars during February 2021 compared to 6.13 billion dollars. For the same month of the previous year.