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Singapore tightens precautionary measures to combat the emerging corona virus for a period of 4 weeks

The Singapore Ministry of Health announced in an official statement today, Friday, the tightening of precautionary measures and social distancing to combat the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), after recording infections over the past two weeks.

The statement said, according to the American "CNN" network, that the number of gatherings and those in home visits will be reduced from five people to two people only for a period of four weeks, starting from May 16 until June 13 next. Restaurants will also be served by home delivery only.

The ministerial statement added, "The numbers of imported cases have increased. We must act decisively to limit these risks, as complacency may cause the number of injuries to rise uncontrollably."

The statement indicated that the number of injuries during the past week reached 71 cases, after only 48 injuries were recorded during the previous week, while the number of cases imported from abroad increased from 7 to 15 cases that were recorded last week.

It is noteworthy that the total number of virus infection in Singapore has reached more than 61 thousand cases, while the total number of deaths reached 31 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University of America.