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Russia is strengthening its Baltic fleet capabilities with new submarines and aircraft

The Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Forces of the Russian Army, Nikolai Yevmenov, announced that his country's fleet in the Baltic Sea will receive new batches of submarines and modern aircraft.

"The Baltic Fleet will acquire submarines, planes and coastal missile complexes, and the submarines that the fleet will acquire will be suitable for the nature of the tasks assigned to it," Yevmenov said - in a speech marking the 318th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Baltic Sea Fleet. This fleet remains one of the most important tools necessary to protect the Russian borders.

He added, "The role of the Baltic Sea Fleet - now - has become more important due to the growing challenges and new threats posed by the expansion of the presence of NATO forces in the Baltic regions on the borders bordering Russia, and plans aim to supply this fleet soon with ships equipped with high-precision weapons, including advanced missile ships."

Interfax agency reported - quoting an informed source in the Russian military industry - that the Baltic Fleet is supposed to acquire new "Varshavyanka" submarines or "Lada" submarines developed within the framework of the Russian government project No. 677, and that the decision is It is up to the fleet itself to choose what suits it from the submarines.

The Russian "Varshavyanka" submarines are characterized by a great ability to hide from enemy radars, as well as they are armed with systems to launch torpedoes caliber 533 mm, and Russian "Kaliber" missile systems, and are equipped with advanced equipment to discover and destroy submarines and hostile naval vehicles, and to protect ports and marine installations.