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Reda Abdel Aal: Jensh must retire after Al-Ahly's goal .. Abu Jabal Nember and Awad did not shine

Reda Abdel Aal asked the former star of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, Mahmoud Jensh, the goalkeeper of Zamalek, to retire at the end of the current season, confirming that Muhammad Abu Jabal is in the White Castle, refusing to talk about the brilliance of Muhammad Awad, and Reda Abdel Aal said in a telephone interview with the program of the sweet game with Khaled Al-Ghandour on radio On Sport FM: "If I place Jensh, I announce my retirement for this season, after we saw the tournament who entered his goal in the Arab Contractors match."

Reda Abdel-Al adds: “The goals of the Tunisian and Al-Ahly Esperance are in the window of a jinsh scandal seriously. Muhammad Abu Jabal had to return to the formation of the main Zamalek after recovering from Corona, like what happened with Al-Shennawi in Al-Ahly, because Abu Jabal is in the custody of Zamalek, then Muhammad Awad comes second, but No one says, "Awad shine, where did the shine stay."

Reda Abdel-Al continued: "Imam Ashour is a good player, but his brain is difficult and his absence made a difference with Zamalek, but Carteron is not convinced about him like Pacheco."

Regarding the league title this season, Reda Abdel-Al commented: "Al-Ahly and Zamalek are not guaranteed. You will prefer the musical chairs game between Musimani and Carton."

Regarding training, Reda Abdel-Al said: "I did not retire from training. I got a year off after undergoing a difficult heart operation."

Regarding Pyramids, Reda Abdel-Al said: "If Abdullah Al-Saeed had been to Zamalek for three years, he wouldn’t have done anything. Zamalek would like to coach his strong personality, and the Pyramids players would just play in their name."