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Organization and administration finalizes the settlement for 5023 employees of the state administration

The Central Agency for Organization and Administration completed the settlement of 5023 employees in the various departments and units of the state’s administrative apparatus during the month of March, for those with higher qualifications during their period of service, in accordance with the controls stipulated in the Civil Service Law 81 of 2016.


It is noteworthy that the agency has trained more than 7,000 employees of the candidates to move to the new administrative capital during the month of March, and the executive plan to train the employees of the state’s administrative apparatus who is nominated to move to the new administrative capital includes a package of basic programs offered to all candidates, and includes providing employees with issues related to raising National awareness and functional fitness, concepts and dimensions of national security, Egyptian national security challenges, an explanation of the concept of fourth-generation wars, the elements for success of the state, national security scopes, awareness of the Egyptian state institutions and the major projects that are implemented in various fields, the concepts of governance and anti-corruption, as well as the basics Formal writing in Arabic and basic computer skills.


The operational plan also includes training the nominated employees on a package of competency programs, which are based on the results of the assessment of behavioral competencies carried out by the Ministry of Planning. In this context, a training “card” was prepared for each employee nominated for the transfer, so that the trainee responds to the needs of the behavioral competencies that The evaluation was based on it, and accordingly, those who need a certain merit will be trained according to the evaluation, and these behavioral competencies include: motivation to achievement, emotional balance, communication effectiveness, efficiency in dealing with reality, efficiency of performance, openness to experience, self-confidence, teamwork, Decision making, and time management.


The training plan also includes a package of specialized programs, whereby each group is trained in its field of work, such as completing human resources training, training employees in contract management, and training workers in legal affairs, and these programs are coordinated with the relevant ministries and agencies in their respective fields, as well as a package of application programs Through practical training on how to master the use of the applications to be circulated in the New Administrative Capital, so that the transferred employees are fully aware before moving on how to operate and use these programs.