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Newspaper: Boris Johnson was criticized after the investigation into dealing with the Corona crisis was postponed to 2022

The British newspaper, The Independent, said that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was widely criticized after announcing that he had postponed the newly announced public investigation into the government's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic until the spring of 2022.

"Work will begin now to appoint a president and other potential members, establish terms of reference, and some hope a judge will lead the investigation. Johnson told the House of Commons that the investigation is likely to begin within a year," the newspaper said.

Experts said that it could take three to six months to establish this, and work could start much sooner than the spring of 2022 if there is a desire to achieve this. Lord Falconer of the Labor Party, who has passed the Investigations Act in his capacity as adviser, said the government will be confident that the Covid investigation will not end before the next general election, expected in 2023.

After the United Kingdom recorded one of the worst deaths in the world due to Covid, which exceeded 150,000, experts and MPs pressed for an investigation into whether ministers were following scientific advice on closures and other decisions; The level of support provided to disadvantaged groups and frontline workers; Contracts for personal protection equipment awarded to those with ties to the government; The Health Services Authority testing and tracking program, worth £ 37 billion.

Johnson indicated that the investigation is unlikely to begin before next spring due to the high possibility of an increase in cases of Covid virus again in the winter. "You should not distract or distract the people we depend on in our fight against this disease," he said.