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Mostafa Mohamed beats Ramadan Sobhi in the market value by 2.5 million euros

The latest update of the marketing value, according to the statistics website "Transfer Market", showed a remarkable advantage by Mustafa Mohamed, the Turkish Galatasaray striker and the Egyptian national team, over his colleague Ramadan Sobhi, the playmaker of Pyramid Z and the Pharaohs, by 2.5 million euros in favor of Mustafa Mohamed.

The marketing value of Pyramids playmaker Ramadan Sobhi has witnessed a significant decline since his return to the Egyptian League, but it reached its lowest level since his departure from the English Premier League, after joining the Pyramids at the beginning of the current season.

The marketing value of Ramadan Sobhi stabilized at 3 million euros, since his departure from Al-Ahly club at the beginning of the current season, as his value during his presence at Al-Ahly reached 3 million and 200 thousand euros.

Mostafa Mohamed advanced in his marketing value after his distinguished performance with Galata Saray to score 5 and a half million euros, raising his value by 3 million euros from the last value he reached during his stay in Zamalek until last January, when his value was estimated at 2 million and 500 thousand euros.

It is noteworthy that the most expensive marketing value that Ramadan Sobhi reached was estimated at 7 million euros, during his stay in Stoke City, or even after his move to Huddersfield, but his return to the Egyptian League affected his value, as well as his departure from Al-Ahly.

During the current season, Ramadan Sobhi participated in 27 matches with Pyramids in various tournaments, as Ramadan scored 10 goals and set 3 more goals for his teammates.

While Mustafa Muhammad participated with Galatasaray in 17 matches, during which he scored 9 goals.