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Learn about the health benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy .. It facilitates childbirth and relieves stress

Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps pregnant mothers to enjoy good health during this difficult period. It also plays a role in facilitating the birth process and overcoming many difficult pregnancy problems.

A report published on the bold sky website revealed the benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy, as follows:


1. Preparing your body for labor and childbirth. Yoga works to strengthen the muscles that are important to support the physical changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy.


2. Yoga helps you strengthen the relationship between you and your baby and improve your mood, especially if you suffer from pregnancy depression.


3. Contribute to the treatment of some common pregnancy problems such as lower back pain, insomnia and shortness of breath.

4. Practicing simple yoga during the first trimester of pregnancy, helps you reduce levels of nausea and fatigue.


5. Yoga increases blood circulation, and prevents fluid retention and swelling in the body.


6. It helps you to get rid of stress and anxiety before the due date and gives you a calm and relaxed mood.


As for questions about practicing yoga and the risk of miscarriage, it was found that there is no scientific evidence that yoga can cause miscarriage, and despite this, easy and simple yoga poses must be followed to avoid complications resulting from it.

Also, severe abdominal yoga poses, such as the boat position, should be avoided during pregnancy, which place excessive pressure on the abdomen and uterus, and excessive torsion while practicing yoga should also be avoided as it can limit fetal space and restrict blood flow to the uterus.


Experts advise avoiding yoga that requires you to sit in a cross leg position because it can cause birth complications and high blood pressure.