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Iraqi Security: An ISIS terrorist leader was killed, south of the capital, Baghdad

Today, Wednesday, the Iraqi security forces killed an ISIS terrorist leader, south of the capital, Baghdad.

A joint statement by the Military Intelligence Directorate and the Counter-Terrorism Service, reported by Alsumaria News Channel, stated, “During a qualitative intelligence operation with great security cooperation between the directorate and the agency, the Military Intelligence Division in the 17th Division and the Intelligence of the 55th Infantry Brigade and the third regiment thereof and a special operations force of the Counter Terrorism Service managed Whoever killed the terrorist leader in the ISIS gangs, nicknamed (Abu Rabee), the security official in the so-called state of the South.

The statement indicated that "the operation was carried out in the quarries area in Al-Radwaniyah, south of Baghdad," indicating that "the terrorist is one of those wanted by the judiciary under an arrest warrant in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 terrorism."