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Exercising, eating vegetables and avoiding soft drinks will help you spend your holiday in good health

Eid al-Fitr is associated with many rituals and a large variety of delicacies placed on the table after a full month of fasting, but since your body has been eating such light foods for a long time, one must be careful, according to a report by The Times of India.

It is possible to enjoy delicious foods that are prepared on Eid, but over-consumption and over-indulgence can shock your body. Sudden changes in eating pattern after a full month of fasting during Ramadan can be really harmful. Overeating on the day of Eid can That leads to indigestion and bloating.

Although unforgettable social gatherings and delicious food are an indispensable part of Eid celebration, these tips can be followed to have a happy and healthy Eid.

Don't forget to exercise


Exercising makes you feel refreshed, happy and relaxed. You do this by releasing happy hormones, which positively affect your mood and help manage your appetite. Simple walking prevents illnesses and makes you feel energetic every time you do so. If you do a good exercise in the morning, you will not feel Guilt about eating delicious Eid meals.

Don't ignore vegetables


The best and easiest way to control yourself from overeating fried foods is to eat vegetables first. Eating vegetables first will reduce your appetite before eating other delicious foods. Eat a salad or fried vegetables.

Don't eat while chatting with friends


In order to keep your weight loss goals under control, think before stacking your plate with all of your favorite foods. You shouldn't abstain from eating your favorite foods but don't lose your diet goals altogether. The best way to prevent yourself from overeating is to focus on your food while Eating mindful eating helps you control your appetite. On the other hand, eating while chatting makes you eat more than your body needs.

Avoid soft drinks

We usually think that soft drinks help digest oily foods, but this is just the opposite of that. Carbonated drinks are full of sugar and are very harmful to the body. Replace your soft drink with curd to improve digestion.

Eat dates and dry fruits


We all love sweets and festivals just give us an excuse to indulge more in them, although you should enjoy Eid cakes and special sweets, but you should reduce consumption. You can do this by eating fruits, dates, and dried fruits.