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Deutsche Welle: New investigations reveal the involvement of Denmark in spying on Germany

New details emerged on the European scene, which revealed the involvement of Danish intelligence in helping its American counterpart, in spying on top European and German politicians, for years, the US National Security Agency has targeted leading German politicians such as Angela Merkel and Frank Steinmeier, as well as politicians from Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and France. .


The discovery of the spying operations came as a result of an internal investigation launched by the Danish intelligence service years ago, which focused on the role of the US National Security Agency in partnership with him, and according to the investigation that covers the period from 2012 to 2014, the US National Security Agency used Danish Internet "cables", especially information, to spy To high-ranking officials in Sweden, Norway, France and Germany, including former German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and former German opposition leader Pierre Steinbrueck.


Denmark, a close ally of the United States, hosts several undersea cable drop-off stations that stretch to and from Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


The internal investigation of the Danish intelligence service began in 2014 after concerns about the Edward Snowden leaks, which revealed how the National Security Agency was operating, according to the Danish Authority.


In 2013, the former contractor with the CIA, Snowden, leaked details to the media about CIA surveillance of the Internet and phones.


Patrick Zinsberg, head of the German parliament’s investigation committee on the US espionage scandal, showed that he was not surprised by what the new research had revealed and said that such eavesdropping cases are common practices and you have to understand the intelligence services system.


The US National Security Agency, Danish Intelligence, and the Danish Ministry of Defense did not want to comment on the search and investigation process carried out by Danish and German media outlets, and the Danish Ministry of Defense said in general that organized eavesdropping on close allies is unacceptable.


Thomas Wegener Fries, a Danish expert on the work of the intelligence services, referred in statements to the technical factors in light of what the new investigation revealed, and said: Denmark has a great advantage, which is that large amounts of Internet traffic passes through Denmark, and near Copenhagen there is an important Internet center For the various submarine cables, and this made the country simply irresistible for US partners.


The irony of that story is that the documents show that Denmark not only helped the NSA, but also became a target for surveillance itself. It was spied on entities in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finance and a Danish arms company. In this way, the Danish foreign intelligence services helped the Americans monitor their government.