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Conducting 829 inspection campaigns on factories, preparing 1452 technical studies and licenses

Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, affirmed that the commitment to apply standard specifications on products is a fundamental pillar to improve the quality of the Egyptian product and increase its ability to compete with foreign products within the local market or in foreign markets, noting in this context the Ministry’s keenness to enhance the role of the Ministry’s supervisory bodies for the provisions of control. The products manufactured within the local market and their commitment to apply the highest local and international quality standards.


In this context, the latest report received by the Minister on the performance indicators of the Industrial Control Authority during the month of April revealed that the authority conducted 829 inspection campaigns on factories, boilers and thermal machines, and 1452 specialized technical studies were conducted that included a study of 202 technical studies in the field of temporary admission and drawback and 1241 technical studies Variety and 9 studies of production requirements.


The authority also granted a license to 296 steam boilers and a heat machine, approved 87 service and maintenance centers (after sales services), carried out 24 seasonal monitoring campaigns, and inspected 106 different factories, and the authority, through the Citizen Service Guide Unit, responded to 27 complaints.


Engineer Abdel Raouf Ahmedy, head of the Industrial Control Authority, said that the authority is working during the current stage on the provisions of controlling factories and ensuring that their products conform to Egyptian and international quality standards, indicating that the authority contributes to activating the supervisory role on industrial products before they are put on the market and combating industrial fraud operations and the interest seeks Always improving the image of the Egyptian product internally and externally and protecting the markets from the circulation of inferior goods that do not conform to the specifications in addition to increasing the contribution of the national industry to exports and raising the competitive capabilities of the Egyptian product, in addition to spreading awareness of the importance of quality in the industrial community and the public of consumers.


Ahmadi added that the inspection and control campaigns included factories for detergents, cement, feed, fertilizer, ammonium nitrate, printing, publishing, and distribution in addition to inspecting 30 marble factories, pointing out that the campaigns also aimed to follow up on the extent of the factories ’commitment to applying precautionary measures for the spread of the Corona virus to maintain the safety of workers and ensure that no hurry will stop. Production.