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Child Eitan .. the story of the only survivor of the Italy cable car accident

Five-year-old Eitan Piran, injured in the fall of the cable car that connects the towns of Stresa and Mutaroni, in the northern Italian region of Piedmont, begins waking up from a coma and responding "positively" despite his condition still "critical".

The Italian newspaper "Al-Massagiro" indicated that the general director of the Sita Hospital complex, Giovanni La Valle, confirmed the child's positive response, with coughing fits, some movements and moments of spontaneous breathing, but as a precaution, we remain calm and cautious because the clinical situation is still critical, "adding : "If the clinical situation remains stable, the hope is that he can be extubated today, Wednesday."

Eitan lost his father, mother, brother and two grandparents and is the only survivor of his family in the accident that killed 14 people, including three other children.

The doctor pointed out that the concern now is "complications that are not related to the nervous system, which is healthy, but those that may arise as a result of multiple traumas," according to the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo".

Investigations into the cable car fall, into the multiple homicide, will focus on cable disconnection, but also on why the cabin emergency brakes did not work.