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Butcher: Assigning the Drinking Water Regulatory Agency to review the value of the household water delivery assay


The Minister of Housing and Public Utilities, Assem Al-Jazzar, revealed that the Drinking Water Regulatory Authority has been mandated to review the foundations and rules on which the measurements of water delivery to homes are assessed, and they will be reviewed at the corporate level in order to ensure that there are no burdens on citizens.


The Minister of Housing indicated that the collection of water bills is weak, saying: "The total collection rates at the level of the Republic until 6/30/2020 indicate that the collection rate for Sina Corporation is 40%, in Matrouh Company is 45% and in Aswan Company 60%," adding "more than 9." Water companies have collection rates less than half and less than the target of 80%.

The Minister of Housing indicated that we need to balance the two matters so that companies can pay their obligations.


This came during the plenary session of the House of Representatives today, which witnessed deputies presenting about 70 requests for notification and questions about the high water bills and measurements, the weakness of drinking water and its frequent interruption and pollution as a result of the failure to replace and renovate water stations and networks, and about the establishment of desalination plants to compensate for the shortage of water, and the high standards Water delivery, sewage projects stopped, many villages and cities were not included in the sanitation plan, and wastewater treatment was not carried out.