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An Iraqi official confirms that the end of ISIS hideouts and outposts is nearing the endowment basin

The Iraqi governor of Diyala, Muthanna Al-Tamimi, confirmed that the end of ISIS hideouts and outposts, which are rooted in the Waqf basin northeast of Baqubah, is nearing after the government and the security and intelligence ministries pledged to end them, especially the areas extending between Al-Gateway and Abu Saida sub-districts to Hamrin, which have not witnessed real security operations for 14 years.


Al-Tamimi said - in a statement, reported by the Iraqi National News Agency, NINA, on Saturday - that security strategies have been adopted in the Waqf Basin, which will contribute to achieving unprecedented security stability and the end of the ISIS scenario.


Al-Tamimi called on the security ministries to "arm the security forces in various formations with war technology and modern weapons to combat the terrorist ISIS detachments located in the endowment strip, which has turned into a headquarters for leading terrorist operations targeting citizens and security sectors."