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An Iraqi officer was assassinated by unidentified gunmen in Maysan Governorate

An Iraqi security source announced that an officer in the Rapid Response Forces, along with one of his companions, was killed by unknown gunmen on the (Amara - Baghdad) road near Ali al-Sharqi district in Maysan governorate.


The source said - in a statement carried by the Iraqi News Agency (NINA) - "The police opened an urgent investigation into the incident."


And the Security Media Cell in Iraq announced that it had seized a warehouse of ammunition in Baghdad containing a ton of high explosive materials, which was planned to be used to carry out terrorist operations inside the capital.


In a statement reported by the Iraqi Alsumaria News Channel, the cell said, “According to intelligence information and the intensification of the field effort, the National Security Forces in Baghdad managed to seize a warehouse of equipment in one of the western outskirts of the governorate that contains 1000 kilograms of high explosive materials that are used in the manufacture of IEDs. ".


She added that the terrorist organizations were seeking to use these materials in carrying out terrorist operations inside the capital, and they were lifted by specialists and handed over to the forces for treatment according to standard procedures.