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A US court is considering the first lawsuit from an elephant against the zoo

The Nonhuman Rights Project Fund website said the New York Court of Appeals will hear the lawsuit filed by a female elephant named Happy over the legality of her staying in the zoo.


The website stated that the fund filed a lawsuit with the court in the name of these elephants, which were transferred to the United States in 1977.


He added: “This is the first time in history that an English-speaking court has heard a lawsuit filed on behalf of not on behalf of a human being.” The site noted that this judicial trial began in 2018, when animal advocates filed a lawsuit demanding recognition of elephants ’right to Physical freedom and movement from the Bronx Zoo to the Elephant Sanctuary.


Thus, Happy became the first elephant in the world to discuss the legality of its presence in the zoo through court. But the petition was rejected by the court of first instance, and now the appeals court will hear it.


At first Happi lived in a cage with other elephants, but then some of them died, and some were moved to other places due to repeated conflicts. For ten years, Happy lived alone and had no opportunity to communicate with her fellow countrymen.


"After we started the struggle for non-human rights eight years ago in New York, we now hope that the Court of Appeal will realize the paramount social importance of Happy's case. We hope that it will soon become the first elephant and non-human in the United States, through the judiciary, recognition." Of her right to bodily freedom. "