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A tragic catastrophe shakes Baghdad ... the death of 3 children in a closed car due to the intense heat

A tragic catastrophe in an Iraqi family, represented by the death of 3 children in a closed car, due to the extreme heat and the neglect of their relatives.

And 3 children, aged between two and three, died as a result of high temperatures, which caused them to suffer from heat exhaustion, while they were in a closed car, in Al-Baladiyat district in Baghdad.

The primary security authorities' investigations revealed that the cause of the death of the three children, two boys and a girl, left them in a car with closed doors and windows and without ventilation, especially as the Iraqi capital passed through a heatwave.

No further details have yet been revealed about the reason for leaving the children in the car, and whether the incident was the result of neglect by their relatives, or if there is a criminal suspicion.

Pictures and videos of the tragedy of the three children spread as they lay inside the car, sparking a tidal wave of anger, grief and sympathy on social media platforms inside and outside Iraq.