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7 terms of reference for the administrative committee of the first group to secure travel abroad ... Get to know them

Dr. Mohamed Omran, Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Authority, issued Decree No. 698 of 2021, to establish a group to secure travel abroad, called the “Egyptian Association for Travel Insurance,” with the aim of providing a cover of protection and safety for the people of the country against the various dangers that they may be exposed to while traveling abroad Country.


The insurance coverage granted to more than 20 million Egyptians during their travel to all parts of the world, according to this document, will be valid on all trips that do not exceed 90 consecutive days during the validity period of the passport, and the limits of insurance coverage reach 30,000 euros or its equivalent in currencies. The other, with a liability of the first 100 euros or its equivalent in other currencies, of medical expenses and hospitalization costs.


The articles of association of the Egyptian Association for the Insurance of Foreign Travel defined 7 terms of reference for the administrative committee, which are:



1- Take the necessary decisions to achieve the objectives of the pool.

2- Approving the organizational structure of the various departments, as well as the staffing structure.


3- Approving the systems and regulations related to financial, administrative, and technical affairs, human resources and their financial transactions, for approval by the General Assembly.


4- Approving the annual report on the pool’s activities within two months from the end of the fiscal year, including the member companies ’current account, the list of financial position and the estimated budget.

5- Submit a request to the President of the General Assembly to call the General Assembly to convene.


6- Submitting any proposals to the General Assembly to help achieve the Society's goals.


7 - Approval of the contracts concluded by the group to achieve its objectives, with the exception of sales contracts that affect the assets of the group, so the general assembly must approve, and the general assembly can delegate the administrative committee or its chairman to dispose of the assets according to its discretion.