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5 wrong habits that destroy the heart, most notably smoking and psychological stress

The medical site "healthline" stated that heart health in all age groups starts with proper nutrition and avoiding the practice of wrong habits during different age stages. He explained that the most important methods of proper nutrition for the heart are eating fresh vegetables, avoiding eating too much meat, and exercising regularly. In addition to maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing emotional stress.

The site added that the most prominent wrong habits are harmful to the heart and prevent the flow of oxygen and blood through the blood vessels, which results in causing strokes and angina, are:

1 - Smoking.

2 - Tension.

3- Excessive emotions.

4- Psychological stress.

5- Eating fatty foods that cause a rise in harmful cholesterol in the body.

The site stated that smoking and obesity are among the most prominent factors leading to the spread of heart disease, which must be treated at an early age, especially since heart strokes are considered a disease of age due to their appearance in groups of large ages that exceed the 50-year barrier, and it has become prevalent now among young people. Of young people, some of them because of obesity, and others because of the high rates of smoking, which destroys the general health of the body, most notably heart disease.