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2.5 billion pounds in taxes and customs duties of Port Said last April

Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, reviewed the efforts made by customs officials to overcome obstacles and facilitate customs procedures before the business community, through customs exemptions established for imported strategic goods. In a way that contributes to improving the work performance of customs administrations, reducing customs clearance times, meeting the needs of the local market, and contributing to price stability.


The Minister received a report from Al-Shahat Ghatouri, Head of the Customs Authority, in which he indicated that the Central Administration of Port Said Customs and the Free Zone, headed by Mohamed Hanafi, released 7,000 and 605 “final incoming” customs certificates, during the month of April, for multiple items of strategic goods and general goods. , Including: “wheat, pulses, corn, production supplies, cars, and spare parts.


The report added that the taxes and customs fees collected from import certificates amounted to 334 million and 543 thousand pounds, while the total value-added taxes and other fees collected from these certificates amounted to 2 billion, 193 million and 618 thousand pounds.


The report pointed out that the General Administration of Export in Port Said Customs, during the month of April, exported covered 606 customs declarations issued with a total value of about one billion and 52 million and 5 thousand pounds for various types of strategic goods and general goods, including: «foodstuffs, juices, and fruits, And the primary raw materials. ”An“ issued fee ”was collected for some exported customs data, at a value of 232 thousand pounds.


The report indicated that the total taxes, customs duties, taxes and other fees collected by Port Said customs during last April amounted to about 2 billion and 528 million and 161 thousand pounds.