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The Kremlin: Washington's offer to organize a Russian-American summit is still under study

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that Moscow has not yet given an official answer to US President Joe Biden's proposal to hold a meeting between him and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

According to Russia Today, Peskov said during a press briefing today, Wednesday, "There was no official answer. We are still studying and evaluating this proposal. You may understand that the situation needs an in-depth study, because the statements of our colleagues in Washington about the summit are accompanied by conversations about the need to pay." Russia is a price and the inevitability of its "subjection to" some "sanctions."

"There is no room here for assumptions, as there is a specific situation that needs to be studied," the Kremlin spokesman said, in response to a question about the assumption that the Putin - Biden summit would not be organized.

On Monday, the Kremlin confirmed that there were proposals to hold the Russian-American summit in the coming summer months, but indicated that the date had not yet been set.