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The Golden Glove .. Ahmed Suleiman .. He started his career with Al-Ahly before Zamalek, and his biggest success was training

There are many goalkeepers who have put luminous fingerprints in the world of Egyptian football, and despite the departure of some of them or their retirement from the ball, their names remain firm and steadfast in the Egyptian football archive, thanks to their contributions to defending their goal and being indifferent in providing their best technical level, which is what It leads us to shine a spotlight on the golden glove holders in the history of sport today.

Today we are talking about Ahmed Suleiman, the goalkeeper of Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, who has achieved many successes, but the most prominent of which is in the field of training, whether with Zamalek or the Egyptian national team.

Its inception


Ahmed Suleiman, the former goalkeeper coach of the national team, was born on November 1, 1963, at the age of 54, married with three daughters and a single son.

Suleiman graduated from the Faculty of Law and obtained a BA in 1987, then he obtained a diploma in postgraduate studies for the subjects of the Police College, and he worked as an officer in the Egyptian Ministry of Interior and is still continuing with it until now, and reached the rank of brigadier general and holds the position of Director of Administration in the Ministry's General Secretariat.

His football career


Ahmed Suleiman began his career with football in the junior sector of the Al-Ahly club, but he was not promoted to the first team and he did not get the opportunity to participate in the matches to move to the ranks of the Zamalek, before Suleiman left the youth sector in the Al-Ahly club after his exclusion and not escalating to the first team to move to his traditional rivals Zamalek and did not He gets an opportunity in the ranks of the first team, miserly, because his work in the Ministry of the Interior prompted him to retire from football and to start his career in the world of coaching.

His coaching career


Ahmed Suleiman trained all the Sunni teams in the Zamalek club until he became the goalkeeper coach of the first team in Zamalek and won with the team a number of local and continental championships, after which he became the coach of the goalkeepers of the Egyptian national team and won the African championship.

After Ahmed Suleiman went to the field of training, he obtained advanced studies at the Egyptian Olympic Academy and spent a living period at the Italian club Juventus and chose to be a coach for goalkeepers and worked in Zamalek in the technical staff under the leadership of the late Mahmoud El Gohary, so he got with the White Castle the African Championship for the Champions League clubs and the African Championship Champions Cup and African Super Cup.

Suleiman also took over the position of goalkeeper coach for the national team in the coaching staff of Hassan Shehata, who led the national team from 2004 to 2011, during which he won three African Nations Championships in a row in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

Suleiman returned again to coach Zamalek goalkeepers after the dismissal of the team's technical staff after failing to qualify for the nations of Africa in 2012 and the team did not succeed in reaping any championships, and Suleiman submitted his resignation at the beginning of 2012.