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The Captain's Kitchen .. Nada El Sheikh, Hand Player, introduces the Koshary method

The life of sports stars, like any girl in Ramadan, during which they are keen to also participate in the housework, especially preparing Ramadan meals, and the "seventh day" is keen to present the paragraph "The Captain's Kitchen" to present a recipe for a food in Ramadan by one of the sports stars.


Nada El Sheikh, handball player at Zamalek Club, presents the method of making koshary in the following recipe: -




Half a kilogram white rice

1/2 kilo of spaghetti

1/2 kilo of pasta, small

1/4 kilo brown lentils

1/2 kilo chickpeas







Soft cumin

Hot sauce

How to prepare


Chop the onion into slices, then fry it in the amount of oil, with constant stirring, until it becomes crispy.

Drain the onions from the oil well.

Boil the pasta, drain and take a portion of the oil in which the onion was fried, and stir in the pasta.

Lentils are boiled and sautéed with a portion of oil, with the addition of salt and cumin.

Fry the vermicelli in part of the oil

 And rice is added to it.

Chop the garlic with the salt, take a part of it and fry it in a part of the previous oil, then add to the mechanism of tomato juice, salt and minced garlic and leave it on the fire until it becomes a sauce


Boil chickpeas in a generous amount of water with the addition of a portion of chopped garlic, salt and cumin.

 Koshary accuracy

  Part of chickpea water after boiling with adding an amount of chopped garlic and lemon juice.


Chili sauce

Part of the prepared sauce and add the chili to it.


To present koshari, put all with ex on some flipping.