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The Algerian President decides to maintain the complete closure of all borders due to Corona

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune decided to maintain the complete closure of the land, sea and air borders, while raising the level of vigilance daily, due to the Corona virus, and a statement by the Algerian presidency said this evening that the President wanted to order during his presidency today a ministerial meeting to assess the situation of the Corona virus in the country, to expedite In the pace of vaccination nationally, and proceed immediately, and with maximum speed, the implementation of the project to manufacture Sputnik vaccine in Algeria.


President Tebboune called for the necessity of providing accurate statistics from each state, and taking into account the hotspots of infection in a neighborhood and in a village by a village, to make decisions based on accurate numbers, and to initiate an immediate epidemiological investigation into the forms of mutated viruses in Algeria.


He indicated the necessity of doubling awareness campaigns on the largest scale and respecting preventive measures, against the background of recorded complacency, provided that awareness includes all public places and facilities, especially educational institutions, mosques, markets, shops and means of transportation, with emphasis on the application of violations, and intensification of supervision to respect the precautionary measures.