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Qafsha agent: Galatasaray, Besiktas, and Celtic are competing to contract with Najm Al-Ahly

Abdel-Rahman Ismail, Mohamed Magdy Qafsha's agent, the star of Al-Ahly club and the Egyptian national team, revealed that Galatasaray, Besiktas and Celtic clubs are competing to sign the Red Castle star.


Abdel-Rahman Ismail said in a telephone interview with the Stars in Ramadan program with the radio station Najla Helmy and the sports critic Muhammad Araqi via the Atheer Youth and Sports Radio: “The Qafsha contract ends in 2024, and no one in Al-Ahly has spoken to us about extending the contract so far, but Saeed Qafsha in Al-Ahly even if he spoke Someone with him to extend his contract will agree immediately, and if he leaves the club, it will be with a large financial offer and a large European club worthy of Qafsha's potential. "


Abdel-Rahman Ismail said: "The Olympic team did not officially inform us of its desire to include Qafsha for the Tokyo Olympics, but Shawky Gharib, the coach of the team, spoke to us and informed us that Qafsha is on the list of 14."


And Abdel-Rahman Ismail added, "We hope that Afsha will be on the final list of the Olympic team, as it is a global forum befitting the potential of the talented Al-Ahly star."


Abdel-Rahman Ismail confirmed: "Pyramids tried in the last moments to transfer Qafsha to Al-Ahly to sell the player to Zamalek, but Qafsha told me that he would only play for Al-Ahly and informed the Sky Club, so he retracted the deal in favor of Zamalek."


And Abdel-Rahman Ismail added, "Qafsha will make an advertisement for a judge possible soon. We have received many offers from companies that want to benefit from the judge’s goal as possible."