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Pope Francis: The new migrant tragedy in the Mediterranean is a source of shame

 Pope Francis said, "Now is the time to feel ashamed" after fears arose that 130 immigrants were drowning in the Mediterranean and a United Nations organization accused countries of failing to respond to their aid.


This comes after the French humanitarian organization, "SOS Mediterranean", announced last Friday that commercial ships and a ship belonging to a charitable organization roaming the waters of the Mediterranean in search of migrant boats had found 10 bodies floating near an upturned rubber boat in international waters near Libya 130 people are believed to have been on board.


Russia Today reported that the Pope told hundreds in Saint Peter's Square during a weekly meeting today, Sunday, “I admit to you that I am in great pain due to another tragedy in the Mediterranean.” He added, “These people ... human souls begged for two full days, asking in vain for help. You arrive ... now is the time to feel ashamed. "


"The countries stood up to the challenge and refused to take action to save the lives of more than 100 people," said Safa Mosheli, spokeswoman for the International Organization for Migration of the United Nations, on Friday.


The Pope asked for prayers for the souls of the immigrants who perished at sea, as well as "for those who can help but prefer to show their faces."