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Newsweek: Trump hints that CNN could be sued over videos of one of its employees

Former US President Donald Trump has expressed the possibility of suing CNN over its alleged work for his loss in the last presidential election, according to Newsweek magazine.

Trump said his attorneys could not even believe the contents of the videos in the "Veritas" project, which show a CNN employee saying that the network worked to defeat Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump indicated that there might be a lawsuit in this regard, during his appearance in the latest version of the conservative online talk show The Dan Dongino. Broadcaster Dan Bongino asked the former president for his reaction to the videos, which the conservative group had secretly recorded, while noting that they had provided evidence that the network was seeking to remove Trump from office.

Trump said: This was unbelievable, because it was something outrageous to happen, we knew it was happening anyway, nobody suspected it, but now we have a senior executive.

And he continued, saying: What will we do with that, I do not know, maybe we will do something about it, but we have read it and the lawyers do not believe it, because this is like a contribution to an election campaign of sizes no one has seen before.

A series of boycott videos filmed with a hidden camera showed Charlie Tester, who was said to be a technical director at CNN, bragging that the network had ousted Trump from power, and declared that Trump hadn't lost the election otherwise. A clip of Chester was recorded speaking of propaganda indicating that Trump may be unfit for the position.