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Mathematical information .. Swimming reduces stress and helps the body flexibility

Swimming helps to activate all the muscles of the body from the abdomen to the buttocks to the legs. Many benefits of swimming from swimming, as long-term swimming also improves the work of the heart and respiratory system, as well as it is useful for pregnant women and children, given that it is a sport that helps improve body functions People in general, and one of the most important benefits of swimming.

Reduces stress

Swimming helps relieve tension, relaxes the muscles and relieves any pressure on them or stress, and swimming helps activate all body muscles from the abdomen to the buttocks to the legs.

Improves body coordination and balance

Swimming helps in improving body coordination, as well as achieving balance in the body and preventing the risk of falling, as swimming enables us to build new nerve connections that allow us to become more efficient in movement.

Improves flexibility of the body

Swimming requires moving our bodies (especially the limbs), and this is because your joints become more powerful as well as improve their flexibility and at the same time do not cause joint stress.

Lung health improves

Swimming exercise affects lung volume measurements because respiratory muscles including the diaphragm of swimmers are required to develop greater pressure as a result of immersion in water during the breathing cycle, as well as improve heart health.