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Lazy eye in children .. Know the signs and causes of infection

Lazy eye is a condition in which there is an abnormal development of vision, and it is known that it is one of the main causes of poor vision among children, and the condition of the lazy eye is dangerous and needs treatment in a timely manner, as it will affect brain functions, because everything that your child sees is through that eye. The brain does not capture it properly, which may permanently damage the child's vision, according to "only my health".

Causes of lazy eye:

Muscle imbalance:

Weakness of the eye muscles is a common cause, as the eye turns or eventually crosses inward, and vision is not symmetrical.

Drooping eyelid:

When a drooping eyelid causes blockage of the eyelid, it is also known as a ptosis.

Refractive errors:

Often times the focus of one eye is better than the other, which may make the other eye farsighted or short-sighted, the brain trying to interpret a blurry and clear image focuses more on the clear image, ignoring the blurry image, and the vision of blurred eyes is impaired if not reported. About that.



When the alignment in the eye is lost, the eyes cannot focus together on an image, resulting in a double image.

The signs of a lazy eye to look out for in children


Recurrent strabismus:

This should be noticed more on a sunny day, when the child closes one of his eyes or blinks one eye, this may indicate weakness in one of the eyes.


Difficulty reading:

Reading is affected, as the child may skip words or misread them, and his mathematics may also be affected and not knowing the numbers correctly, due to imperfect vision, and focus becomes difficult.


Tilted head:

A child with a lazy eye may try to tilt his head to get a better vision. Here, he uses his dominant eye to get proper vision, and this can generally be seen while watching TV, playing and running.