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Highly mutated ... Investigation of the emergence of a new mutated strain of Corona virus in Tanzania

Scientists are investigating a variant of the Corona virus believed to have originated in Tanzania, Africa, and acquired 34 mutations, and has called it a "highly mutated" strain, as the alternative was identified in 3 people who traveled from Tanzania to Angola in mid-February, since then, it has not been reached. For more cases by health authorities.

It has been classified as diverse due to the wide "constellation of booms", some of which appear in the variants of the UK, South Africa and Manaus in Brazil, the Independent said.

According to The Independent, the new variable was reported in a new study written by scientists at the universities of Oxford, Cape Town, South Africa, the Angolan Ministry of Health, and the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the authors expressed concern that the alternative may have spread through the three travelers. Specified.

Dr. Richard Lessels, one of the study's authors, told The Independent: "We still have very little information about Tanzania, the only information we get is when the virus is sequenced elsewhere in the world from someone who recently traveled from Tanzania, explaining that this number is small." Very much of the sequence, so we have no idea how widespread this species is or how widespread it is within Tanzania, as the variant carries 14 mutations within the spiky protein and is the part of the virus responsible for entering human cells.

Dr. Lessels said that this strain may contribute to an increase in transmissibility, explaining that this type of mutation allows the Corona virus to enter the body beyond the first line of immune defense in people who have been vaccinated, or were previously infected, which enables the virus to continue to spread .

The research team in Cape Town, South Africa is now working to determine whether antibodies resulting from a previous coronavirus infection are able to neutralize the variant, or the mutated strain.