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Gento, a Real Madrid legend, father for the third time at the age of 87 by a court ruling

The Court of First Instance in the Spanish capital, Madrid, issued a shocking decision to Paco Gento, the 87-year-old Real Madrid legend.

According to the Spanish newspaper "Marca", the Court of First Instance issued its decision attributing Francisca España N نñez, 62, as the daughter of Paco Gento, the honorary president of Real Madrid.

She added, that Paco Gento, the Real legend, refused to admit several times that he paternity to Francisco and after the matter reached the court, the father also refused to attend any of the court sessions until the verdict hearing.

She continued, that the court ruled in its first decision attributing Francisca to Gento, while the latter can appeal the verdict and overturn it, a step expected by his defense.

She continued, Francesca Spain Nunez resides in Malaga, and she was born from the relationship that lasted between her father for about two years until she came to life in 1958, where her father, who was a player in Real Madrid at that time, got acquainted with one of the dancers.

She explained, Gento, a Real Madrid legend, has two recognized children, and now, with this referee, he becomes a father for the third time at the age of 87.

In conclusion, the lower court ruling was based on the fact that a private investigator obtained a DNA test from Gento on a handkerchief, who after his analysis showed 99.99% agreement with the Francisca test.

The judicial ruling coincides with the birthday of the honorary president of Real Madrid, Paco Gento, who has reached the age of 7 today.