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Establishing a national committee for specifications and quality to issue the Egyptian standard specifications for innovation

Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, affirmed the political leadership’s keenness to keep pace with global technological development and to adopt the tools and requirements of the age represented in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, believing in the role of technology in economic and societal empowerment, especially the right of the Egyptian citizen to have all sectors, systems, products and services at the republic’s level conform to the highest standards Quality and excellence, pointing out the importance of keeping pace with these developments and laying out the best ways to benefit from them, which would contribute to transferring the Egyptian society to the ranks of developed countries and achieving the desired development goals for Egypt.


This came in the context of the Minister’s speech delivered on her behalf by Eng. Ashraf Afifi, Chairman of the Egyptian General Authority for Standardization and Quality during the International Innovation Day events hosted by the Authority under the auspices of the Minister of Trade and Industry coinciding with the United Nations’s celebration of this World Day with the aim of highlighting the role of innovation in the development of industry. Especially in light of the Minister of Trade and Industry announcing the Industrial Innovation Award to encourage innovation and advance the Egyptian industry, and in light of the issuance of Egyptian standard specifications in the Arabic language in the field of innovation.


The minister said that the celebration of the International Day of Creativity and Innovation reflects the ministry's interest in innovation in the industrial field and its impact on sustainable economic growth, including enhancing the role of innovation in improving the competitiveness of the industrial sectors and encouraging small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship, especially in light of the issuance of the executive regulations for the Small and Medium Enterprises Law. The development of a culture of innovation among the various sectors is one of the main factors in attracting the human potential, especially the Egyptian youth.


Jameh pointed out that the application and activation of the innovation system is the main driver for adding value to products and services that depend on new ideas, which requires managing innovation in a systematic way and relying on key success factors such as innovation strategy, objectives, innovation processes, including organizational processes and structures, and enabling factors for innovation. And support for innovation in many matters such as the culture of innovation, its tools, methods, capabilities, human and financial resources, as the ministry’s strategy aims to encourage all entities at the state level to innovate either independently or to develop innovation partnerships to create value for both partners working together.


In this regard, the Minister indicated that the Industrial Innovation Award has been announced, which aims at the commitment of enterprises to continuously develop their capabilities and performance in the field of innovation and excellence management at the level of the Republic, especially that one of the prerequisites for winning this award is the transparency of the entity’s current performance in innovation management, pointing to To achieve this transparency, regular and effective innovation management evaluations are required.


Jameh called on all entities in Egypt to develop and support themselves through the ministry's strategy that pursued innovation as a culture of work and a lifestyle, to build a knowledge society led by innovators, and to contribute to strengthening the country's march towards progress and consolidating its global position and achieving a clear developmental process for an advanced and prosperous nation dominated by economic and social justice. The strategy also represents the roadmap that aims to maximize the benefits of the competitive components and advantages and works to implement the dreams and aspirations of the Egyptian people to provide a decent and dignified life.


For his part, Eng. Ashraf Afifi, President of the Egyptian General Authority for Standards and Quality, affirmed that the authority sought to become the best environment for developing standards and standard specifications at the national, regional and international levels through the authority’s experts, especially in the field of innovation, to support applications permanently the impact on the business community and consumers that rely on technologies The basic infrastructure developed by the state in conjunction with specifications developed from other regional and international organizations.


Afifi explained that the Egyptian General Authority for Standards, based on its belief in the role of its national committees, has established a national technical committee specialized in innovation management to issue through it Egyptian standard specifications in accordance with international standards to lay the foundations, approaches and evaluation of innovation within the framework of unified concepts and foundations for all users and other parties concerned with Egyptian standard specifications. Which includes ministries, government agencies, institutions, customers, suppliers, partners, and financing institutions.


He pointed out the need to understand innovation management through the Egyptian standard specifications issued in this regard, which deal with the concepts, principles, foundations and guidelines to support the innovation process of the entity to benefit from the tools and elements available to it and to evaluate innovation and ways of partnerships in order to protect the rights of all parties, especially intellectual property rights, with the aim of development and improvement. Continuous.