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Vita Club: Our group has become open to everyone, and team play is the secret of Al-Ahly's strength

Yves Diba, sports director of the Congolese Vita Club, confirmed that his team's confrontation with Al-Ahly will be very difficult, and we came early to get used to the weather and atmosphere in Egypt, and the group is open to all teams.

"The management of Vita Club preferred our travel to Al-Ahly early so that we could adapt to the atmosphere in Egypt before the fateful match against Al-Ahly, the largest club in the continent of Africa, and it represents all clubs in Africa, and this is the pride of African football," said the sports director of Vita Club, in an interview with Ontime Sports. .

The sporting director of Vita Club explained: Al-Ahly is Africa’s honor in the World Cup and we know the names of all its players, and the best thing that Al-Ahly distinguishes is team play and fighting in performance, and every player is able to make the difference, as happened in his last match when the midfielder scored two goals.

Yves Depa continued: "We played a friendly match against Haras El Hedoud, which ended in a 1-1 draw in preparation for Al-Ahly, but the most important thing was to prepare us to face Al-Ahly."

He added: "The group is difficult and has become open to everyone after our defeat against Simba and the victory over Mars, as well as Al-Ahly, who won against Mars and lost to Simba, and all possibilities are open and we are seeking to win over the biggest African clubs at home."

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