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The Israeli occupation mechanisms penetrated eastern Jabalia and Al-Bureij camp

Several military vehicles of the Israeli occupation penetrated into the border agricultural lands of the citizens, east of Jabalia town in the northern Gaza Strip, and east of Al-Bureij camp in the central Gaza Strip, amid shooting and bulldozing activities.

The Palestine News Agency "Wafa" reported today, Tuesday, that a number of occupation mechanisms penetrated into the agricultural lands of the citizens east of Jabalia, from the "Abu Safia" military site perched on the border strip, east of the town, amidst sweeping actions, firing smoke bombs, and opened fire with machine guns. Intermittently in place.

In addition, several Israeli military vehicles entered the lands of the citizens east of Al-Bureij, starting from the Al-Sarhi Gate, and carried out sweeping activities, amid coverage of the incursion by firing smoke bombs in the targeted area.

In another context, the Israeli occupation forces arrested today, Tuesday, 7 Palestinians from the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, and the Palestinian News Agency "Wafa" reported that the occupation forces arrested two young men from north of "Salfit", after they raided and searched their homes, and arrested Mahmoud from the town of Al-Khader, south of Bethlehem, after a raid on his family’s house in the "Bakush" area, west of the town, and searched it.

The Israeli occupation forces also arrested a young man from the town of "Qabatiya", south of Jenin, after raiding his relatives 'house, and raided 3 homes and tampered with their contents. They also arrested 3 children from the town of Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem, after they raided and searched their relatives' homes.