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Symptoms of bipolar disorder: rapid changes in mood and anxiety

Bipolar disorder is a very common mental health condition these days, and it can occur in any age group, so it is important to pay attention to the symptoms of this disease to know if you need to visit a psychiatrist in order to receive the necessary treatment, according to "timesnownews".

Symptoms of bipolar disorder:

1- Rapid changes in mood between high and low.

2- Feeling restless.

3- Speak quickly.

4- Feeling of joy without reason, or intense sadness, and feeling depressed.

5- Anxiety.

6- Increased or lost appetite.

7- Sensitivity to odors and noise.

8- Feeling tired and poor concentration.

Here are 6 facts about bipolar disorder:

1- Bipolar disorder can worsen during pregnancy. Pregnant women are more likely to experience repeated episodes of mania and depression as a result of changing body hormones.

2- Feeling manic and depressed at the same time, known as (mixed mania), and this condition may lead to a deterioration in your mental health.

3- Bipolar disorder also affects children, children may suffer severe attacks that may be dangerous, and the risk also lies in the difficulty of detecting this disease in children.

4- There are 3 different types of bipolar disorder, and they are bipolar disorder of the first type and type two and cyclical mood disorder, and the symptoms of each type of the three differ from the other.

5- There is no consistent pattern of mood swings, as a person suffering from bipolar disorder can enter into a long bout of depression that lasts for several weeks and then go into a short episode of depression, or vice versa.

6- It is not easy to diagnose bipolar disorder, as it may be confused with depression, as it requires a long medical history with the attending physician in order to discover it, as well as good attention and observing mood fluctuations to identify it.

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