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Is it possible to insure government property? .. An expert answers

Abdul Khaleq Omar, an insurance expert, recommended the necessity of activating insurance coverage on state property to protect it from all risks that could cause more losses, as a result of any accidents related to fires or collapses, due to the existence of insurance coverage that provides adequate compensation and guarantees work again without charging the government Given the value of these losses, he added, in statements to "The Seventh Day," that the government's implementation of these coverages gives a strong message to the Egyptian citizen about the importance of the role of insurance in providing protection against any risks, and also works to increase insurance awareness among different segments of society.


Omar added that insurance on government property increases the contribution of the insurance sector to the national product, indicating the importance of starting with new projects, especially in the administrative capital, which will witness the transfer of many government agencies. And new laws to start applying these coverages to all government property.


Omar indicated the need to issue new legislation in which insurance for housing units is compulsorily approved, which includes coverage against the dangers of burglary, fire and the risks of non-payment, similar to what happens in developed countries to ensure the rights of individuals and obtain compensation that reduces the size of the losses that they may be exposed to, as well as With regard to their failure to receive their new contracted housing units on time, after the spread of the fraud phenomenon in the name of real estate investment companies.

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