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Greece will receive Russian tourists from May 14th

Today, Wednesday, the Greek embassy in Moscow announced the opening of Greek Airlines, starting from next May 14, to transport Russian tourists, who tested negative for the Coronavirus or received anti-virus vaccines.

The embassy spokesman said - in a statement to the Russian (TASS) news agency - that there is a possibility to open the Greek borders to tourists before this date.

It is noteworthy that on March 9, the Greek Minister of Tourism, Harris Teoharis, announced that if the protocols that were set to combat the epidemic were sincerely implemented, the country would open its tourism season on May 14, and until then, Greece would begin lifting restrictions gradually as much as it permits. By the epidemiological situation.

It is worth noting that the Russian authorities have previously confirmed that they will not artificially prevent their citizens from spending their holidays abroad, however, they have warned Russian citizens to bear in mind the difficult epidemiological situation in other countries.