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Treatment of flatulence .. Cardio exercises and hug the knee relieve pain

Stomach bloating occurs when you eat very quickly or eat some foods that do not suit you. There are some exercises that can be performed at home that may help reduce stomach pain and swelling that may last for several hours and give you a feeling of comfort, according to "LiveStrong" medical site.

And the site indicated that cardio exercises can help get rid of stomach bloating, such as walking, swimming, cycling, jogging or even climbing stairs, as performing such exercises for 25 or 30 minutes only with repeated three to five times a week helps relieve stomach pain. Where the lack of physical activity can lead to constipation and flatulence.

In the same context, one of the studies published in the scientific journal "Pain Research & Management" indicated that relaxation exercises such as yoga also relieve the pain caused by flatulence. The study was conducted on 25 adolescents suffering from digestive disorders, and found that doing an educational yoga session Taking an hour for four weeks along with doing cardio exercises at home helped relieve symptoms and pain from flatulence and also treat stress, as stress interferes with digestion.

There are other exercises that also help relieve stomach pain:

1- Positioning the child

Also known as "resting," this position is where you kneel on the floor with your arms extended forward and your back straight.

2- The knee hug

This position is also known as the "wind relieving position" because it helps relieve the pain of bloating. Lie on your back and inhale with your hands resting on your knees. As you exhale, lift your knees to your chest as if you were hugging them, then gently shake your knees from side to side for five minutes. Take ten breaths before releasing your knees and starting again.

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