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The Yemeni army is inflicting heavy losses on the Houthis along the western Marib fronts

The Yemeni army and the popular resistance fought several battles during the past hours, backed by the fighters of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy, during which the Houthi coup militia sustained heavy losses in lives and equipment along the western fronts of Ma'rib.

The battles came after the Houthi militia's attempts to advance to the army's positions, on the Al-Mashjah, Al-Kasara and Sarwah fronts, during which the militia inflicted dozens of dead and wounded in addition to destroying its combat equipment, with the fire of the army's heroes and the resistance and air strikes by the coalition fighters, according to the official website of the Yemeni Army (September Net).

The coalition fighters and army artillery destroyed the militia's reinforcements and gatherings on the same fronts, which resulted in the destruction of military vehicles and the killing of the elements therein.

The Assistant Commander of the Third Region, Brigadier General Muhammad Al-Makroub confirmed in a statement to (Septembernet) that the army forces backed by the popular resistance thwarted the Houthi militia attacks along the fronts of Sarwah, Al-Mashjah, Hilan and Al-Kasara.

He explained that the army forces drained the Houthi militia, and eliminated all the patterns that attacked it, and caused dozens of deaths and injuries, in addition to the arrest of large numbers of its members.

He stressed that the confrontations resulted in the destruction of tanks and combat vehicles of the enemy, and the recovery of large quantities of various weapons ... warning the Houthi militia against the consequences of continuing the attack on Marib, stressing that it would only reap the continuous defeats on the walls of Marib.

The Assistant Commander of the Third Military Region pointed to the great national line-up behind the army and popular resistance forces in the Marib Governorate, stressing that this support confirms the unity of the ranks in the face of the Houthi militia, which is backed by Iran.