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The US Food and Drug Administration Committee endorses Johnson's coronavirus vaccine

An advisory committee of the US Food and Drug Administration voted in favor of a corona virus vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, paving the way for FDA leaders to grant emergency use permission amid the ongoing battle against the Corona virus, according to Fox News America.

The vote was 0-22, with all committee members voting in favor of validating an elbow blow to approve emergency use, and the committee was mandated to vote on the following question: “Based on the total available scientific evidence, do the benefits of the Janssen Coronavirus vaccine outweigh the risks of its use in individuals who report Are 18 years or older?

Despite its importance, the committee’s vote in favor of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is not final. The FDA officials who will now decide whether to award the EUA will now be voted on based on the committee’s findings, this approval comes after the EUA regulatory agency granted both Pfizer - biotech, and Moderna Gaps late last year.

The FDA's vote to approve the company's EUA was expected, as the vaccine was found to be "an adequate safety profile with no specific concerns that would preclude the release of the EUA," the FDA said in documents published before a team of independent experts met.

The candidate vaccine derived from an adenovirus vector formula, in contrast to the vaccines created by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech that were created using mRNA technology - showed 66.9% efficacy against moderate to severe diseases in a global trial two weeks after vaccination, according to the documents.

It should be noted that if the US Food and Drug Administration permitted the use of Johnson's vaccine in the United States, the vaccine supply would not be significantly boosted immediately. A few million doses are expected to be ready for shipment in the first week. But J&J told Congress this week that it expects to deliver 20 million doses by the end of March and 100 million by next summer.