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The Palestinian Foreign Ministry calls on human rights organizations to document the crimes of the Israeli occupation

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates called on human rights and humanitarian organizations to quickly document the occupation crimes against the Palestinian people, in preparation for submitting them to the International Criminal Court and the competent courts, in order to hold the Israeli war criminals accountable.

The Foreign Ministry stated - in a statement today, Tuesday, which was reported by the Palestinian News Agency - that the occupation forces executed the young Muhammad Amr south of Bethlehem, pointing out that the video clip he published to document the execution clearly shows that the young man did not pose a threat to the lives of the occupation soldiers. He was shot with the aim of killing him, and he was left lying on the ground while bleeding, without allowing ambulance crews to reach the scene, which led to his death.

The Ministry held the occupation government fully and directly responsible for these crimes, warning against dealing with them as things that are familiar and repeated constantly, and are dealt with in terms of statistics and figures, away from the extent of the suffering that Palestinian families endure as a result of the loss of their children.

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