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The Jabaliya Disciplinary Committee requests Rabie Yassin and Mandur to be summoned for the last time

The Football Association Disciplinary Committee sent letters to summon Rabie Yassin, the former coach of the 2001 national team and Walid Manzhar, the national team doctor, for the last time to hear their views on what the national team witnessed in Tunisia before the final decisions were made.

The tripartite committee that manages the Football Association decided to freeze the salaries of the Disciplinary Committee in Jabalia due to the delay of the committee in issuing final decisions regarding the crisis of the youth team led by Rabie Yassin

  The youth team withdrew from the African Nations Youth Qualifiers in Tunisia due to the outbreak of the Corona virus among the players, as the tripartite committee presses for deterrent decisions in the coming period.


The head of the tripartite committee of the Football Association confirmed that the youth team, led by Rabih Yassin, has ended its work since December 20 after leaving the African qualifiers, indicating that the dues have been temporarily frozen until the end of the disciplinary committee's investigations due to an outbreak of Corona virus infections in the national team.

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