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The issuance of the first batch of the second phase of the certificates of payment of the dues of the exporting companies

The Export Development Fund issued today - Sunday - the first batch of the second phase of the certificates of disbursing the dues of the exporting companies within the framework of the immediate payment initiative, which was recently announced by the government to settle the delayed dues of companies with the fund.


This payment included 40 companies with a total value of 208.4 million pounds, and a net worth of 192.5 million pounds after deducting all debts of these companies with the Ministries of Finance and Petroleum, pointing out that during the month of February, requests from about 1600 companies were submitted to the fund to benefit from the immediate payment initiative, where the fund communicates With the companies to notify them of the amounts due in preparation for completing the procedures for issuing certificates of the amounts due.


The initiative comes in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to support the exporting companies, and to quickly respond to the export burdens, to support the industrial and export sectors, especially during this stage due to the repercussions of the spread of the Corona pandemic, as the initiative allows for the payment of 85% of the total value of dues immediately, instead of paying it on me Installments that may take several years, which contributes to providing cash to enable the exporting companies to fulfill their obligations towards their customers and preserve employment. The first phase of the initiative witnessed the payment of 13.2 billion pounds to 1125 exporting companies.

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