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Hisham Nasr: My message from President El-Sisi to the handball team confirmed the state's interest in all games

Hisham Nasr, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Handball Championship, confirmed that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s messages to praise the Pharaohs ’team in the" Egypt 2021 "World Championship revealed the state's strong interest in sport, noting that it is a strong message and an incentive for future generations.

Hisham Nasr said, during a symposium honoring the seventh day of the team for the impressive performance in the World Cup, that the handball team's performance in the World Cup succeeded in shedding light on handball and wrapping the people around the Pharaohs, wishing to continue this interest in the game in the future.

Nasr pointed out that the team had great ambition from the start, and that the selection of the Egypt group in the draw is based on the history of confrontations and the state of the teams in the tournament, and that the technical director of the national team, Barondo Garcia, chose the lot according to the ambition to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Nasr called on the fans and handball fans not to comment on the Egyptian national team against Denmark, saying, "It was a confrontation with history," and she succeeded in giving the players a fighter lesson until the last seconds.

 Regarding the organization, Nasr said that the tournament has succeeded at all levels, especially from the political and economic point of view, in light of the marketing of Egypt in a number of European rounds, through this global event that was held in an unjust bubble that dazzled all the participating delegations, saying that the positive needs that emerged did not They appear in the tournament, but the delegations came from their country.

The Egyptian team won the respect and appreciation of the world in the World Handball Championship, after losing to the Denmark team 39-38 after referring to the penalty kicks, after the match and overtime ended in a draw, at the Cairo stadium hall in the quarter-finals of the World Handball Championship.

The team presented a distinguished performance throughout the matches, and embarrassed the Denmark team in front of the eyes of all observers of the world, and the team players appeared in a high spirit and a very distinctive level. While they conceded their first goal in the seventh minute, before Denmark equaled 4/4 in the tenth minute.

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